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Kedarkantha Trek

3 Days

Trip Info

  • 3,810 m
  • Yes
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Guided
  • Yes
  • 16
  • 59


Kedarkantha is a six-day climb throughout Uttarakhand’s Govind Pashu Vihar National Park. It is not the same as the well-known Kedarnath Temple. Expert trekkers and beginners both love this, one of the most well-liked treks in India.
Its popularity comes primarily from the thrilling mountain climb. The top is always viewable from the base camp. The view opens up as you gradually climb a snow-covered, rocky hill early in the morning. The amazing view of the upper Himalayas that accompanies you to the top of the mountain, as well as the difficulty and slope of the climb, makes it easier.


  • Experience a memorable journey to the top of Kedarkantha for amazing views of the Himalayan mountains.
  • Experience picturesque camp stays and connect deeply with nature.
  • Visit the serene Juda ka Talab, adding tranquility to your adventure.
  • A beautiful color will cover the highest points as you see a beautiful dawn from the top.
  • Enjoy the beauty of icy mountains and beautiful landscapes while trekking in the Himalayas.


Your trek starts at Kotgaon. The drive takes you through Mori and Purola, offering scenic views of valleys and forests.
At the Naitwar Barrier, you need permission, so bring a government-issued ID. Follow the road straight towards Sankri, then take a right turn after about 30 minutes.
You'll reach Kotgaon, surrounded by small hamlets like Shialdi, Paisar, Guradi, Suchan Gaon, Dargar Gaon, and Dewara. Your guest house is in Shialdi.
Explore the charming village and enjoy the soothing sounds of the Tons River.

1. Start: Begin at Kotgaon, taking the road to the right from the campus.
2. First Stretch: Walkabout a kilometer to a small suspension bridge, enjoying the valley views on your left. Before the bridge, take the trail on the right.
3. Into the Forest: Enter a dense oak forest and gradually ascend for about an hour until you reach a small clearing, your first resting point.
4. Continuing Up: Keep ascending through the forest. Enjoy the natural sounds and reach Mohlani meadows in another hour. Here, you’ll find a large clearing with hill views, tall pine trees, a small Matrishakti Mandir, and a water source to refill your supplies.
5. Further Along: Trek for another half hour through the forest to a small clearing. Descend slightly and cross a wooden bridge over a stream. A 15-20-minute ascent from here brings you to the Khujaai campsite.
6. Khujaai Campsite: This is a large clearing in the forest where you will spend the rest of the day. Explore the area: see the next day's trail, shepherds' huts, and boulders for sitting and enjoying the view. If the weather is clear, enjoy the starlit sky at night.

Start the trek from the trail that goes to the right in the south-west direction from Khujaai. About a kilometre of an ascent in the forest section takes you to Tatalona meadows. It’s a beautiful clearing. Rest here for sometime.

From the meadows, about 600 metres of a descent takes you to a water stream. The gushing stream, the boulders and all of this in the middle of a dense forest makes it a beautiful setting.

Cross this stream. The trail further is again an ascent in the forest section. It can get slippery when it rains. So be mindful of your footing. In about 20 minutes you will reach another small clearing.

Take a steep right turn here. The trail now is through boulders. About another 100 metres of a descent takes you to another water stream. Cross this stream and start your final ascent to Dhoka. It’s another 700 metres of an ascent in the forest section.

Dhoka in Garhwali means “meadow with a big boulder”. Aptly, it is a huge meadow with one big boulder at one end. From here onwards, snow-clad mountains start making their appearance.
A little ahead of Dhoka is Bhoja Dhadi, where you stay for the night. Do not miss the alpen glow on these peaks during sunset. You can also see Kedarkantha summit up ahead of you.

Take a good rest as tomorrow will be a long day.

Start your trek on the trail to the right of the Bhoja Dhadi campsite. Ascend through a section of beautiful rhododendron trees and reach a clearing after about 500 meters.

Once you exit the tree line, continue climbing on a grassy trail that gradually becomes muddy and slippery. Follow the zigzag path upwards.

Soon, you'll reach a junction where the trail from Sankri joins. The climb becomes steep from here to the summit. The Phulara ridge will be on your left. It takes around 2.5-3 hours to reach the summit from Bhoja Dhadi.

Experience incredible views of the mountains and rivers from the top, such as Draupadi Ka Danda, Mt. Swargarohini, Mt. Bandarpoonch, Mt. Kalanag, Jaonli, Gangotri, Rupin and Har ki Dun valleys, and Jorkanden peaks.

After spending time at the summit, retrace your steps to Dhoka and then proceed to Khujaai.

From Khujaai, follow the trail downhill to Kotgaon. The path is narrow and winds through a dense forest of oak trees. Enjoy this final forest walk, as it's the last day of your trek.

Once you reach Kotgaon, head to the Indiahikes Community Campus and stay there for the day.

Start early, ideally before 7:00 AM, as the trip takes around 10 hours. Plan to travel from Dehradun after 7:00 PM.



  • • Government-issued ID for permission at Naitwar Barrier.
  • • Trekking equipment includes suitable clothing, shoes for hiking with good assistance, a carrying case, water bottles, energy bars, a first aid kit, hiking poles, and more.
  • • Accommodation: Guest house in Shialdi on Day 1, camping gear for the remaining days.
  • • Navigation tools: map, compass, or GPS device.
  • • Water purification method for refilling supplies along the trek.
  • • Food provisions: lightweight, non-perishable meals or snacks for the duration of the trek.
  • • Camera or smartphone for capturing scenic views.
  • • Camping essentials: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and cooking equipment if planning to cook meals.


  • • Personal expenses: souvenirs, additional meals outside the provided provisions, etc.
  • • Alcoholic beverages.
  • • Electronic devices are not essential for navigation or communication.
  • • Valuables that are not necessary for the trip.
  • • Additional permits or fees not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • • Heavy or unnecessary items that could burden the trek.
  • • Pets, unless explicitly allowed and appropriate for the trek.
  • • Any activities not mentioned in the provided itinerary.


When is the best time to visit Kedarkantha?

December to April is the best time of the year to visit or go for a trek to Kedarkantha to make your journey memorable. This is when you’ll see lovely beautiful landscapes and a nice day. It’s a perfect time for hikers to go on an amazing Himalayan trip.

What's the weather like on the Kedarkantha Trek?

It varies depending on when you visit. Summertime temperatures are relaxing, averaging around 20° Celsius. It is not too cold, making it perfect for trekking. However, the winter seasons bring extreme cold—well below zero—and snowfall covers everything. This boosts the trek’s challenge while adding to the beauty of it. Kedarkantha thereby has everything unique to offer, no matter if you choose an easy summer trip or an exciting winter fun.

How high is the Kedarkantha trek?

It is approximately 3,810 meters or 12,500 feet. The journey that the trek takes is about 20 kilometers in length. You are going to pass by the beautiful snow-capped Himalayan Alps. The trip will be even more interesting as you journey through forests filled with many different kinds of plants and animals. For those who wish to take in the beautiful mountain landscape at a small height, this is a wonderful trip.

How long is the Kedarkantha trek?

The 20-kilometer Kedarkantha trip is suitable for people with ordinary levels of stamina and covers a moderately tough path. Three hours of moderate walking is about the time it takes. Traveling through beautiful wood and pine trees along the road makes it a great trip for anyone who enjoys exploring the Himalayas. The Kedarkantha trek package from Thrillophilia includes accommodation in camps, transportation, meals, and guides.


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Trip Info

  • 3,810 m
  • Yes
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Guided
  • Yes
  • 16
  • 59